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Women's Career Achievement Awards

Sponsored by

The Center for Women and Gender

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
USU Huntsman Hall | Perry Pavilion



The women of Cache Valley have a rich and vibrant legacy, but too often their influence goes unrecognized and their vital contributions to our community and our world, unacknowledged.

The Center for Women and Gender is continuing the Utah State University tradition of recognizing and honoring remarkable women whose courage, accomplishments, and successes allow other women to put dreams into action as they work to attain individual goals. These remarkable role models immeasurably bless our community.

The 2019 Achievement Awards recognize accomplishments of women throughout their lives. Awards will be given in two divisions, Community and Campus. Three awards will be given in each division. One is for an early-career woman whose actions and accomplishments are already providing inspiration to other women. The second is for a woman who has served ten to twenty years in their careers and have consistently shown exceptional commitment and vision. The other is a lifetime achievement award for a woman who has demonstrated excellence in her field and whose accomplishments and leadership have provided guidance and encouragement for others across many years.


Early Career award: The awardee will be in the first eight years of her professional career and will be selected for her professional vision and for her commitment to the possibilities of women’s accomplishments. She will be selected for demonstrating innovation at the frontier of her chosen field, for showing exceptional potential for significant contribution, and for her commitment to community service as demonstrated through leadership, knowledge and outreach.

Mid-Career award: This award focuses on mid-career women, recognizing both their past accomplishments and their potential to create change in the future. Successful candidates will have served for ten to twenty years and have shown significant career achievements in their field with clear potential for advancement. In addition to demonstrating excellence in their chosen career, they will have mentored and encouraged other women in the community. They will show a clear commitment and enthusiasm for their field and be inspiration to a broad range of people around them. 

Lifetime award: This award is awarded to a women sixty-five years of age or older, or someone who has served more than twenty-five years in their career. The awardee will be selected for her demonstrated leadership and her ability to differentiate herself in positive ways through innovation or creativity in approaches, techniques, methods or processes. Through varied contributions, successful candidates will have achieved a measure of success and, consequently, will have motivated, stimulated, encouraged, and possibly mentored other Cache Valley women. Recognizing the different achievements and the important roles local woman play in society is a primary purpose of this award. The age designation is important, because it counters society’s emphasis on youth in American and educates that people live very active and productive lives in “later” years.

Fields of activity may include, but are not limited to, areas such as humanities and the arts, business, science, education, sports, government, volunteerism, community service, community beautification and academia.

The nominee

  • Cannot be a current member of the Advisory Board to the Center for Women and Gender or a member of its staff.
  • May only receive the Award once. However, a woman may be re-nominated each year.


Letters of support for the candidate from two individuals and/or organizations describing the candidate’s qualifications for this award and why the candidate is being nominated. Please put NOMINATING individuals name, address, phone number and email as well as NOMINEE’S name on letter.

Please email a formal nomination letter to with the following information: 

  • Nominee's Name
  • Nominee's Address
  • Nominee's Phone
  • Nominee's Alternative Phone
  • Nominee's Email
  • For Lifetime Achievement, Nominee's Age (and Nominee's Birth date) 
  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Information

Submissions for the 2019 Career Achievement Awards are now open.
All submissions are due on or before February 1st, 2019