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CWG  Undergraduate Women's Leadership Initiative (WLI)

President Cockett and Provost Galey have both been very pleased with the Women’s Leadership Initiative program and would like to expand the program. An exploratory committee is being formed to evaluate and consider scalability options to bring the program to the full USU campus. Therefore, no recruitment or applications will be available for WLI for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Download 2018-2019 WLI Flyer 

The CWG Women’s Leadership Initiative offers leadership mentoring through a series of activities, seminars, personal interaction, and conversation that moves across boundaries and social networks.

This program is for undergraduate women who may not yet see themselves as leaders, but have a sense of their career goals and the contributions/differences they want to make.

The potential leader we seek wants to help others grow, likes to promote others,works to be collaborative, advocates for others, and is sensitive to power issues and issues of inequality.

The CWG Women’s Leadership Initiative will help emerging leaders develop understanding, independent thought, and self-efficacy necessary for leadership success.

The program is presented in 6 Saturday sessions with a seventh graduation session in April. If you know you can’t attend one of the session this program is not for you. If you know you cannot make one of the sessions, this program may not be for you. Leadership material will be delivered in a seminar format where discussion is key to everyone’s learning. The interdisciplinary nature of our group will give strength to all discussions. Guest speakers, grass-roots leaders, and elected leaders from the community will be featured at most of the sessions.

Center for Women & Gender Undergraduate Leadership Initiative 


  • September: Who is a leader? Where is your place in the leadership world?
  • October: Values and goals, barriers for women in leadership, generative ways to overcome barriers
  • November: Self-presentation, leadership etiquette, networking
  • January: Effective communication
  • February: Personal branding
  • March: Participants will suggest the topic
  • April: Dinner and graduation

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