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The Center for Women and Gender: Who We Are

Welcome to USU’s Center for Women and Gender! You may have seen us before if you walked by our office on the third floor of the TSC, or maybe you’ve been to one of our events. When you saw us, there’s a good chance you wondered the same thing many students wonder – “What does the Center for Women and Gender do for Utah State students? Why do we have one?”

We want to answer those questions for you because, after all, we’re here for you!

First of all, we are here to provide a voice for women and minorities on campus and in the community. Our director, Ann Austin, founded the center because she noticed constraints put on her while growing up simply because of her gender and now wants to do all she can in order to make the state climate more positive for women. Our center is founded on the values of equality and empowerment for anyone who may feel the need for help. Our Perspectives club meets monthly and we hold biweekly lunches in order to give students a chance to discuss the issues they face and learn about how they can help others in their community facing the same issues.

Aside from helping students with forums and group initiatives, the Center is also deeply involved with scholarships and research funding for students at Utah State University. For this school year, we were fortunate enough to reward students with more than $65,000 in scholarships thanks to our donors. We seek students who come from various backgrounds so that the money we give toward education will help to break cycles such as violence or lack of educational opportunities.

We can be found in room 309 of the Taggart Student Center and we welcome all to visit us there and to become involved with our initiatives and Perspectives Club in order to bring greater equality and empowerment to women and minorities of Utah State.

To stay up on our latest conversations, events, and info, follow us on our social media accounts:
Twitter: @cwgusu
Instagram: @cwg.usu