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The Many Perspectives of the Perspectives Club

On Oct. 24, the Perspectives Club will be holding a free pancake breakfast on the TSC patio from 12 – 2 pm. Students can receive a free pancake when they tell the club members a quality that they think is beautiful about themselves.
As gender issues and inequality are taking a front seat in today’s society, Utah State University’s Perspective Club is possibly more relevant than it has been before. After being founded in 2010, the club has approximately 50 active members with Holly Robinson as president and Alex Johnson as the club adviser.

“We stand for gender equality and advocating for women’s rights,” said Johnson.

Beyond advocating for women’s rights, the club participates in monthly meetings to discuss current issues on gender equality, political participation, gendered violence, rights, advocacy, and more. Just a couple weeks ago the club participated in a carnival event held by UPR to introduce it’s new stories series, “Objectified: More Than a Body,” by showing the documentary, “Killing Us Softly.” The club, along with several others and community groups, gathered to educate the public about gender issues, self-imagery, and women’s rights.

Although the Perspectives Club is a branch of the Center for Women and Gender, the club is not strictly for women.

“You don't have to be a women or a gender studies minor or certificate to be a part of the club. We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to be a member,” said Jerra Fowers, a member of the club. “We want all different varieties of people as this brings a more vast awareness and provides many different ‘perspectives.’ We like having lots of feedback from everyone, and getting different ideas and opinions, it allows us to see the different viewpoints.”

The club is a great opportunity to talk about and bring awareness to the inequality that is faced in the world on a daily basis and to show people different ways to stand up for inequality. It helps to educate people on feminism, racial issues, and be a safe place for all those that stand in need for one.

The club also shows a documentary every month regarding current issues regarding gender, race, and equality in today’s society. Updates regarding next month’s documentary will be posted on the social media sites for the Center for Women and Gender as information arrives.