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2018-2019 Lectures


Dr. Paul Crumbley
"May Swenson and the Place of the Human"

Dr. Susan Shaw 
"#ChurchToo Meets Theology: How Surviving
Gendered Violence Shapes How We Think About God"

Blair Imani, Dr. Christy Glass, Feminista Jones, Dr. Ann Austin, Macy Keith 
"Women Supporting Women: Sufffrage in the 21st Century" Panel


Dr. Alexis Ault 
"STEM Identity: Engaging Middle School Girls in Earthquake Science Research" 

Dr. Renee Galliher
"Integrated and Developmental Study of Identity Content"

Briana Bowen
"Memories of War and Perceptions of Threat: Facing Asymmetric Warfare 100 Years after the Armistice" 


Dr. Julia Gossard
“Witchy Women: The Long History of Witchcraft in Western Civilization”


Dr. Helga Van Miegroet
"Moving Up in the Sciences - Does Gender Matter?"