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Helping Hands

Please Help Mothers Stay in School


A single mother with three children spends about $890/month on housing in Cache County.*


Each semester, it costs $3,191 for the average full-time student to attend Utah State University. This does not include textbooks.


A single mother with three children spends about $750/month on food in Cache County.


A single mother with three children spends on average $1,500/month on childcare - either daycare or schooling for children.**

These and other costs can stop a woman's education. You can help women finish their schooling today by contributing to Helping Hands or the Scholarship Fund.

Please Donate Now

Your Helping Hands donation will be used for any crisis that would stop a woman's education. Your scholarship donation will be used for tuition and sometimes books. Generous board members of The Center for Women and Gender will match gifts up to $15,000.

Level 1: $25

  • Two days of food
  • Two days of housing
  • A day and a half of childcare
  • One day of USU tuition and fees

Level 2: $150

  • Six days of food
  • Six days of housing
  • One work-week of childcare
  • Three days of tuition and fees

Level 3: $365

  • Two weeks of food
  • Two weeks of housing
  • Two work-weeks of childcare
  • Ten days of tuition and fees

Harmony's Story

Harmony Davis is a mother of three and a student at Utah State University. She came to the Center for Women and Gender seeking support and financial assistance in getting through her schooling.

Harmony was placed in the foster care system when she was five years old, after her mother died and her father was removed from the picture. She and her five siblings were separated and lost contact. After 12 years, her eldest sister, Kara, reached out to her.

Helping Hands Harmony“I went to visit her in the summer of 2011 in Arizona when she told me she was pregnant. At this time she was homeless, out of work, with no vehicle, and seemingly had no options for raising a child,” Harmony said.

Harmony decided to bring her sister back to Utah to live with her and her two sons. She spoke to Kara about adopting the baby many times, but her sister refused. After the baby was born, Kara moved back to Arizona and got involved with drugs again.

“I tried emailing her but she told me to mind my own business. About eight months later I received a call from Child and Family Services in Arizona saying that she had left the baby at a homeless shelter for over a week and they were going to put her into the foster care system if I couldn’t come get her within 48 hours. I booked the next flight and began the process of gaining custody,” Harmony said.

Harmony said she adopted her sister’s child because she had always wanted more children, but was unable to because of a hysterectomy from uterine cancer at 23. While being a mother and student is difficult, Harmony said it has allowed her to be an example to her children.

“My children have been able to witness me experience college. They have been able to see the benefits of hard work and dedication, long nights of studying, when I have been able to get a good grade on an exam or assignment. Being a single mom and a full time student is anything but easy. There have been many tears shed, and sleepless nights; however, it has been the best decision I have made. I was told many times I would never finish high school. I was determined to prove that wrong; and I have tried to show my children to not listen to others’ negativity, but instead to develop personal dreams into reality.”

The Center for Women & Gender: Helping Hands & Scholarships

The Center for Women and Gender supports women’s education and development through scholarships and Helping Hands assistance. You may select where your gift will be placed.

We are dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for women, but this doesn’t happen without monetary resources for tuition, books and lab fees. It also doesn’t happen if a young single mother is so burdened with medical bills that her car has been reposessed, her rent is past due, and her four-year-old needs new shoes because snowmelt leaks in and chills his feet.

Your contributions make it possible for us to give scholarships so women can finish school. Contributions allow us to dispense one-time Helping Hands assistance to women students in dire need who have no financial cushion, no assistance from extended family and face the probability of not having food, shelter, shoes for their children or being evicted from their home.

Please help a mother stay in school and give what you can today.
Thank you for your support, every donation makes a difference.

*from MIT; **from CWG