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About Us

The Center for Women & Gender is an academic entity at Utah State University. We strive to create a professional and social climate focused on enhancing opportunities for women and men. CWG has a strong social justice mission, and all students, faculty, and advocates who are interested in exploring and addressing the challenges of intersectionalities (gender and ethnicity; gender and culture; gender and religion, etc.) will find an intellectual home with us.


Home of the Women & Gender Studies certificates and minors, CWG supports scholastic achievement throughout a student's collegiate experience. The CWG also supports faculty research delving into the intersectionalities of our world. We have sponsored research into migrant families and women's rights, and geology among others.

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We are able to help students continue attending school with financial support, donated to us from various private parties. We also help single parents find quality, affordable childcare around the valley. In addition, the Aggie-Care sector of CWG helps childcare providers become accredited, raising the level of education and information available and providing scholarships to care providers.

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Each semester, we host a variety of events to broaden the mind and enliven the discussion on a variety of topics, but especially gender, equal pay, women's safety and families.

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CWG Undergraduate Women ‘s Leadership Initiative 2016-2017

The CWG Women’s Leadership Initiative offers leadership mentoring through a series of activities, seminars, personal interaction, and conversation that moves across boundaries and social networks. This program is for undergraduate women who may not yet see themselves as leaders, but have a sense of their career goals and the contributions/differences they want to make. The potential…


Naomi Tutu

Naomi Tutu March 24, 2016 7:00pm TSC West Ballroom Why Our World Needs to Reclaim and Listen to Women’s Spiritual Leadership: The Importance of Women’s Spiritual Voices and Lived Experiences

The Annual Achievement award nominations are now open and available

Accepting Nominations

We are seeking the mentors, the innovators, the incredible. We are seeking nominations for the Annual Achievement Awards to honor those who are making a difference in our community and our society. But we need your help. We need you to help us recognize those who are creating a better…

USU Brown Bag series - salem and St. Anne's Nunnery tourism, Logan Canyon

Leering Legends and Brown Bags

The leering legends of witchcraft and wizardry that attract thousands of tourists to Salem, Massachusetts every year captivated a full audience during the Center for Women and Gender’s Brown Bag Discussion Thursday afternoon. Speaker Dr. Jeannie Thomas, the head of Utah State University’s English Department, skillfully entranced the crowd with…

Men can be feminists too!

“Feminism Isn’t Just for Women”

Men & feminism Feminism, a word that holds meaning for some and misunderstanding for others. We interviewed Kelland Brewer, a student at Utah State University and the Center for Women and Gender’s newest office assistant, and asked him what feminism meant to him. “Feminism isn’t just for women – it…



If you haven’t heard of Malala, now is the time to learn about her. She is an 18-year-old Pakistani woman living in England, where she moved after an experience that has shaped much of the world’s perception of the Taliban, children and women’s rights in the Middle East. Malala had a…

Mormon women, authority and leadership seminar, discussing priesthood authority and leadership, women's roles in the LDS Church, and more.

Mormon Women, Authority & Leadership Symposium

The Center for Women & Gender seeks to elevate the discussion and create safe and open dialogue. As part of this endeavor, the CWG is hosting a “Mormon Women, Authority & Leadership” symposium Thursday, Nov. 12 in the Eccles Conference Center Auditorium with the Department of Religious Studies at Utah…


My Journey to Fulfillment as a Mother

“I don’t need an education, I am going to be a stay-at-home mom, unlike you!” The snarky teenage me yelled at my mom. I didn’t understand how wrong I was until almost 13 years later.


The Great Last Name Debate

I had a long time to ponder what I would do about my last name when we made the leap. Was I going to take his? Keep mine? Hyphenate? I even jokingly suggested he take mine. But even as the day approached, after months of contemplation, I still was at war with myself over what to do about my name.

Hunting Ground Documentary poster

The Hunting Ground comes to USU

More than 95 universities are under federal investigation for their lack of reporting sexual assault on their campuses. This is just one of many statistics about rape discussed in the film The Hunting Ground, which was shown at Utah State University on Wednesday April 15. Lily Palmer, co-president of the…