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The World vs. You

How many times have you looked into a mirror and thought, “I’m not skinny enough?” Girls and women across the world face these epidemically degrading thoughts on a daily basis. Models, fashion designers, magazine producers, celebrities, and much more have used advertising and the media to show who the “perfect woman” is. The only problem is that no one can look like the “perfect woman” …even if they try.

The documentary, “Killing Us Softly,” is one of the most eye opening films to really show people how demeaning the media is to girls and women of all ages, shapes, and size. The Center for Women and Gender is excited to be partnering with Utah Public Radio (UPR), Utah Women's Giving Circle, and the College of Humanities and Social Science (CHaSS) on Thursday, Oct. 6 with a kick-off carnival event showcasing UPR’s upcoming radio feature series, “Objectified: More than a Body,” which will air mid-October.

The carnival event will be a great time for USU students, faculty, staff, and Cache Valley community members to come enjoy and learn more about these issues facing women today. There will be carnival themed food, UPR producers, project sponsors, and community advocates to help teach people about these serious issues. The documentary, “Killing Us Softly,” will also be aired.

“Killing Us Softly” is a 30-minute film that focuses on the issues of the portrayal of women in advertising, the effects advertising has on self-image, and the objectification of women’s bodies. The film, based of a lecture by Jean Kilbourne, was first produced in 1979, but has since been revised and updated four different times to fit the constant changes that happen in the media.

At the Center for Women and Gender, we strive to show people that they are worth more than what the media tells them. We want men and women of all races and genders to know and understand that they are important to the society that we live in today, and that each of them has unique role and purpose. This carnival is a great opportunity to come and see the faces of many women who have realized that they are more than a body. It is a wonderful chance to teach your children, friends, roommates, and family members that they are important and special just the way they are.

Join UPR, CHaSS, the Utah Women’s Giving Circle, and the CWG for a fun evening, good food, and a chance to learn more, and watch an incredible, eye-opening documentary.

The event will take place on Thursday, Oct. 6 from 6 – 9 pm at the Lundstrom Student Center. Follow us on Facebook and like the event for more information regarding the upcoming carnival and documentary night.